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  How To Order
Please call our offices to place any size order. We do accept Mastercard/Visa for ready to ship orders. Please check for availability. We do not always have our ready made linens in stock and may take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before delivery. Our linens are woven for us in Ireland and then sent to our workrooms here in the USA to be made up into our hemstitched or hand hemmed linens. Our smaller linens, the purificators, towels, corporals, & veils, are hand made using Old World techniques, drawing out threads, mitering corners in the traditional European manor. We believe that the hemstitched linens will hold up much longer than the typical hand hemmed style. This saves on the wear & tear of your linen collection with less need for repairs.
Our hand made linens are typically kept on hand in our workrooms ready for your your choice of hand embroidery. All embroidery is done by hand by our highly skilled and trained embroiderers here in our USA workrooms. . We use DMC cotton floss that is colorfast & brilliant. Our white floss is a very bright white that gives a lovely embossed look to the white linen. We do not raise the embroidery with heavy padding, thus saving on the wear & tear of the linen. Most highly raised embroidery will eventually start to show wear and can actually tear away from the linen with many washings & ironings. We have created a style of satin stitch embroidery that will lay against the linen without creating the ironing, separation and puckering problems that can occur with the raised work. Your linens should be easy to take care of with proper handling & maintenance.
  Made to Order Linens
Our made to order linens; altar & credence cloths, niche cloths, and any other special sized linen, are hand drawn and hemstitched to insure a perfect fit and drape to your linen, please specify finished sizes in your measurements and preferred hem widths. We now also incorporate an accurate finishing technique in hand hemming that will also insure an accurate fit and drape as well. For altar & credence cloths please indicate the top of the altar measurement as well as your finished size measurement. This will help us determine where to place embroidery designs on the cloths. We will be glad to give you free design consultation for your altar linen projects. A written estimate for your church commitee can be sent by mail, fax, or email. All orders must be prepaid. It can take approximately 3-4 months for your linens to be handmade and embroidered. We do require church checks for these orders. We will not process your order until we receive payment in full.
Hand Embroidery Services
Fine hand embroidery is available on plain linens for an additional charge of 14.00 to 30.00 an inch depending upon the complexity of the design. Our embroidery work is done by hand in our workrooms here in the USA. Fine hand embroidery takes time. Please allow a proper time for delivery on these specialized items. (see above for estimated time)
  Ready Made Linens
Ready made linens are available in plain linen.. We try to keep in stock most of our palls, purificators, towels,corporals, chalice veils on hand in stock sizes. Our stock embroidery is presently Roman Fleurette Crosses, Greek Fleurette Crosses, Roman and Greek Crosses (see Embroidery Designs page) to see the styles available.
Please call for availability on our ready made linens.
  Old World Skills Requires Old World Time.